Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic

Naturally thick and long lashes

Our unique YELASAI Ayurveda Active Lash Tonic has natural ingredients that can stimulate growth of your eyelashes. Thinning of lashes is proven to minimize. With continued use, you will see improvements with thickness and fullness of your lashes. 

We recommend Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic for women with short, few, weak and/or thin lashes as a result of chemotherapy, allergies or adverse reactions to other cosmetic use and extensions. 

You will be able to notice the difference and improvements in approximately 2 weeks of use. 

Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic is also recommended to help stimulate eyebrow growth and aid in thickness for a healthy looking brows. Ideal for use of women who are having their eyebrows plucked, waxed, shaved, or are undergoing medication or chemotherapy, and for some women who have thin or irregular eyebrows. 


Shake lightly before use.

Use daily in the morning and evening. Apply on the eyelashes and on the upper lid close to the lashes.

Avoid direct contact to the eyes!

Remove eye makeup and dry lids and lashes before application. After application, application of make up and mascara would easily be manageable. 

Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic can also be used by individuals with sensitive eyes, vision problems, contact lenses, fake lashes and with tattoo or permanent makeup.